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Know For Yourself

From time to time, I run into someone who learns of my faith in Christ, and they will ask me how I know God is there or much less, real. Well, believe it or not, many people including young christians battle with this thought occasionally. Sadly, some even discontinue the faith.

My mind often jumps back to a story of a young boy flying a kite. The day is bright, the wind is strong and the big billowy clouds are rolling across the sky. As the wind pulls on the kite, it moves further and further away until its almost out of sight from land.

An older man walks by and asks the boy "What are you doing?" To which the boy happily responds, "I'm flying a kite!" "I don't see a kite. How can you be sure? You can't even see your kite!" replies the old man. "No,” said the little boy, “I don't see it, but every once in a while I can feel a tug on the sting, so I know for sure that it’s still there!”

No matter the circumstances you're faced with, take comfort in knowing that God is present in your life. When the strings of your heart are pulled. Trust in Him, and know He is close by.

Exodus 33:14--"...My presence shall go with thee, and I will give thee rest."

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