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Moving Mountains

Faith and Obedience are the two ingredience to removing mountians in your life. Both, mountains of evil, and mountains of difficulty. As we run this race below, evil surrounds us whether we know it or not, and difficulty stands before us whether we like it or not. It takes both faith AND obedience to overcome the challenges. " quiteness and confidence shall be your strength"--Isaiah 30:15.

The closer we get to Christ the further away you will see you actually are! The closerer we get to Gods perfection, the more we see our own imperfections. The more our need for Christ grows. This realization brings forth a spiritual maturing that, in great measure, flows faith into or soul. We see that we are in need of Christ, so we trust in Him to provide. HOWEVER, we cannot be a couch potato and sit idly by as Christ does all the work. "Even so faith, if it hath not works, is dead, being alone."-James 2:20. We must take action to support our faith.

Loved ones, remain obedient to Christ. We all acknowledge the race is a long and painful journey. But you must fight, be brave, against all evil, never run, or even lag behind. Christ is beside you, spurring you on to victory! Our Heavenly host is waiting at the End.

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