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No regrets

There was a son of a wealthy family that decided early in life to move off to China to be a missionary. His friends and family believed he was "waisting his time" trying to convert a few "heathens" to Christianity. Nonetheless, this missionary loved the Lord, the mission, and he loved people. Soon into his mission, he contracted an oriental disease and later died. Found balled up in his hand was a note that read, "No reserve, No retreats, & No regrets". He found more happiness in his few years serving the Lord than most find in their entire lifetime.

Never count the cost of serving our Lord. God knows the strides your making. He sees the blows you have taken and still He is there by your side. There is never a need for you to keep score. If you do, are you truely serving Him?

Brothers and Sisters in Christ, I implore you to stay true to your spiritual walk with Christ and instead, count your many blessings. Seek out opportunities to dwell in Gods will. The mana from Heaven is endless. Never regret what you do for God. " the Lord thy God -with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy mind."--Matthew 27:33

Your fellow believer,

Mason Phillips

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